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Game of Aces - Dozen Pricing

Game of Aces - Dozen Pricing
The great ace trick of all time can now be yours to perform.
With the special cards included this illusion can be performed with any poker sized deck.
Online learning with extended content awaits...

Protective Packet Trick Wallet
Special Cards With Bicycle Air Cushion Finish
Illustrated Reference Guide For Quick Trick Setup
Instant Access To Online Learning With Responsive Interface For Mobile Devices
Bonus MacDonald's Aces Routines & Teaching

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History In Magic:
This effect is based on a creation of Johann Nepomuk Hofzinser (1806-1875 Vienna Austria). Hofzinser's The Power of Belief wasused as his finale effect. Later based on the effect the One-armedMagician Mac McDonald (1907-1982 USA) made famous his MacDonald'sAces; first published in More Inner Secrets (1960) as McDonald's$100 Routine. Other great effects have evolved from this by magicianlegends such as Frank Garcia Derick Dingle & Gary Ouellet. RobStiff of Magic Makers now brings you Game of Aces...