Unleash the Magic in You

Magic Pen Trick - Magic Makers Original - Easy Pen Thru Dollar Bill Penetrating Trick


The Magic Pen is forced through a bill and then removed; leaving NO hole in the bill... Best of all the Magic Pen and bill can be handed out for complete examination!

Highly Effective Trick For ALL Levels Of Magic
Quick & Easy To Master Magic
Any Paper Money (Bill) Can Be Used With This Effect
This Is A Trick Your Spectators Will Never Forget
Magic Category: Tricks With Everyday Objects
Wider Barrel Style Pen (Different From The Thinner Barrel Magic Makers Mystery Pen)

ORIGINAL MAGIC PEN (as seen in product images)
MAGIC MAKERS Printed Color Learning Guide (as seen in product images)
MAGIC MAKERS Online Access For Learning

If you ordered this item online please ensure you received the authentic Magic Makers product as described above.

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