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Peanut Butter And Jelly Illusion Pro Model

Pro Peanut Butter And Jelly Pro Model

Make a jar of peanut butter trade places with a jar of jelly then make them switch back and even duplicate themselves! You're in complete control with this trick. And it's a hit with audiences of all ages from kid's parties to adult audiences. Step-by-step instructions two black covers and two peanut butter containers are included. A jar of jelly is not included in this trick's packaging. But the good news is that this trick will work with nearly any brand of jelly.

Box: 18.5cm tall x 11.5cm wide (7.28" tall x 4.53" wide)
Black Covers: 17.5cm tall x 10.5cm diameter (6.89" tall x 4.13" diameter)
Peanut Butter Containers: 15.5cm tall x 9.75cm diameter (6.10" tall x 3.84" diameter)

Now Watch Bess & Harry Demo This Illusion: