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Thirteen 13 Mind Reading Tricks

Thirteen - 13 Mind Reading Tricks

- Recommended For Ages 12 and Up
- Great for Beginners in Magic to Professionals
- Step by Step Teaching with Mentalist Rudy Hunter
- Shipping Weight 0.35 lbs
- Learning DVD Included

Welcome to Thirteen. On this mind reading course you will learn secret simple tools to become a mind reader. Only a select group of people know how to reach into someone's mind and pluck out a thought. Learn ways to open up your mind and the minds of other people. Accomplished Mentalist Rudy T. Hunter teaches you step-by-step everything you need to know about these mind bending mentalism routines.

Contents on the Step by Step Learning DVD:
Card Reveal
Center Tear
Invisible Window
David Hoy Book Test
Birthday Billet
Drawing Duplication
Serial Number Divination
Peek with a Pendulum
Watch Match
Basic Clip Switch
Psychometry Pouches
Card Reading
Mentalism Touch Patterns

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